Thank you, Rush Limbaugh

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh. This is the topic of my post today, and for those of you haters out there, please move on. Because this post is one where I share my musings and gratitude about a radio legend who completely transformed the way Americans consume radio entertainment. This post isn’t a political post, so if readers can’t get past their political disagreements with Mr. Limbaugh and truly appreciate the man Rush and the radio pioneering work he did, then please, for your own sanity and the rest of us who have to be around you, please move on.

But for those of you who can appreciate a good inspiring story of someone who rose against all odds to become the best in his field, then this post is for you.

Aside from being a heavyweight in the conservative talk radio sphere, there are other things about Rush Limbaugh that, once you know about them, will cause you to appreciate him all the more.

Here are some of them:

(1) Rush Limbaugh was mostly deaf.

This is amazing to me. Rush Limbaugh relied on Cochlear implants to allow him to hear. Without the implants, he wouldn’t have been able to hear.

Think about it. The most-listened to talk radio host in world history was mostly deaf, and most people didn’t know about it because Rush didn’t want to make an issue of it (a nod to his inherent humility, too).

(2) Rush Limbaugh didn’t have a college degree

This demonstrates an important principle. A college education isn’t the secret to success. The secret to success is dreaming and dreaming big! (and working hard!)

(3) Rush Limbaugh is from the heartland of America

Rush was born and raised in Missouri. He wasn’t a big city, coastal kid. He grew up in the heart of America and therefore knew how the majority of Americans truly thought. He was adamant that the majority opinion in America was not reflected by liberal, coastal elite.

(4) Rush Limbaugh’s brother is a Christian author and attorney

Rush Limbaugh was a spiritual man, but didn’t talk much about his personal feelings about God. His brother, David Limbaugh, though, is a respected attorney and Christian author.


Look, there are a lot of things to say about Rush Limbaugh. It’s simply impossible to include them all in a blog post. Suffice it to say, though, I thank Rush Limbaugh for not only his commentary, which I personally agree with, but I thank him for his life-long example of perseverance, hard-work, and great work! He is an example of goal-setting and goal-achieving that all of us, liberal or conservative, can look to with admiration.

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh.


May 7th, 2021

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