Radio Mash-up

Radio Mash-up

The Radio FM has made its mark on Chicago radio stations–even if you’ve never heard of it. “We are the best radio station that people don’t know about,” program director of Nine FM, one of the newest music stations in the Chicago market With a playlist of approximately 4,000 songs, the station boasts “We Play Anything.” From country to hip-hop and from rock to rap hits, almost every genre is accounted for. The format seems to be working for the station, and competitors are taking notice.

“The impact we’re having on the industry and on local radio is profound,” adding that WTMX-101.9 FM and WKQX-101.1 FM have started their own offshoots of Nine FM’s format. “It’s clearly a reaction to our burgeoning in the market.” The station is headed by Harvey Wells, vice president and group station manager. He said he is flattered by the station’s imitators, but emphasized the difference between Nine FM and other stations.

“They are using slogans. We’re using reality, “Wells said.”From Day 1, our approach has been ‘Let’s deliver a product that offers a variety.’ Gauging from the feedback, which has been extraordinary, we’ve touched a nerve. “Daniels credited most of the buzz about the station to word-of-mouth praise from listeners and the media because Nine FM has only been advertising for a few weeks.

“It’s really gratifying that they are embracing this with passion.” “This station has kindled that enthusiasm, and not a lot of media have done that. “Wells said Nine FM has drawn notice from the radio industry for its unique format.

The award raises expectations for Nine FM, who added that the station is up for the challenge.”We could only get away with this in Chicago where there’s an expectation for great radio. “Where to find it Due to a limited signal on Nine FM’s original frequency, listeners in most of the Chicagoland area couldn’t hear the station clearly, if at all. To remedy this, Newsweb, Nine FM’s parent company, purchased WKIE-FM (92.7) in Arlington Heights and WDEK-FM (92.5). Now, listeners can tune into Nine FM from any of these frequencies, depending on their location. Each frequency plays the same songs, though commercials are unique to each area.


February 21st, 2017

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