How to study for the ham radio exam

How to study for the ham radio exam

You’ve read the articles. You’ve experienced the dread. You’ve seen the world in disarray. 2020 is turning into one for the history books, and what a chapter it is turning out to be.

With the rise of race rioting, the expansion of the global pandemic, the rise of food insecurity, and the faltering economy, many are wondering, “Is this the beginning of the end?” Usually, as the world enters a phase of turmoil and unrest, we see a rise in “prepper” activity, and 2020 is no exception. Anything that has ANYTHING to do with prepping is in vogue . . . and increasingly difficult to come by. Food storage companies are having a difficult time keeping up with demand. Gold and silver inventory is at an all time low. Ammunition is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Hand-sanitizer is sold out just about everywhere except for a few places like Melaleuca. Heck, you thought toilet paper was hard to come by . . . Have you tried purchasing canning supplies?! And the list just goes on.

There is one item on the prepper list, though, that doesn’t require a purchase (at least not right away) and that item is a license to operate a ham radio.

The ham radio license

A ham radio license gives you the authorization to operate a ham radio which, in the case of an apocalyptic SHTF scenario, will be very helpful (assuming, of course, that the radio isn’t incapacitated by an EMP) . A ham radio license will equip you with a skill that others in your community will not likely have, which is the ability to access and convey critical emergency communication. Whether it’s an extreme natural disaster or a foreign invasion, a ham radio will be important to keeping you (and your neighbors) aware of what’s going on.

The notion of using radios to save lives in extreme circumstances was employed during WWII when people in the resistance would secretly listen to faint BBC broadcasts, which gave crucial updates regarding troop movements and war updates.

Secret radios have saved thousands of lives by keeping people covertly informed of enemy movement and activity.

Radio technology covertly in the hands of common citizens has also proved essential in the overthrow of evil dictatorships who otherwise exercised extreme control over propaganda broadcasts.

So how do you study to become a ham radio operator?

Thankfully, the internet is FULL of resources to get you started. However, probably the best starting point will be the site operated by the National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL). While there, you’ll be guided to purchase an easy-to-understand study manual to prepare for the 35-question license test. With the exam, you’ll also have access to practice exams. I highly recommend you purchase this book if you have any interest in obtaining your ham radio license and purchasing a ham radio. For the price of dinner for two, you’ll have instead a solid understanding to pass, what may end up being, the most important exam of your life if we experience a SHTF scenario.

ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4th Edition (Spiral Bound)
The exam study guide costs about $33


July 27th, 2020

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