Women Programmes

Women Programmes

Women programme of All India Radio covers subjects related to socio- economic development of women, health & family welfare, Food and nutrition, scientific home management, women entrepreneurship, education including adult education, women empowerment, gender issues etc. Special programmes focusing on the status and importance of the girl child are broadcast throughout the year to create social awareness to welcome the girl child’s birth. These programmes also aim at creating social awareness about the rights and privileges of women through the propagation of legal literacy. Different traditional folk forms are used to communicate with the rural women audience.

Programmes are planned keeping in mind the following action points:

  • Atrocities on women
  • Trafficking of women
  • Female foeticide and infanticide
  • Obscene portrayal of women
  • Education & Employment opportunities
  • Security for women
  • Maternity benefits, creche etc. for working women
  • Equal wage for equal work
  • Ban child labour
  • Gender discrimination are some of the issues discussed in the programme.

This year the theme of the International Women’s Day was Empowering Women –Empowering Humanity. DG:AIR issued special instruction to all AIR stations to focus on the theme while taking women issues in their programmes. International Womens Week of this year was also observed with the view of empowering women in the society.

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