Farming and Home events

Farming and Home events

Farm & Home unit in the Directorate has of late, instructed its stations in the states of broadcasting the popular Kishanvani programme, to sensitize the farming community about the need to promote cultivation of oilseeds and pulses in the rice fallow areas of these eastern states exploiting the available technologies. In line with the Government’s initiative of ‘Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India’, farmers in these region are being encouraged to effectively utilize about 8 million hectares of land that remains fallow in the rabi season after the Kharif harvest.

In view of the adverse impact of climate change and extreme weather events on agricultural productivity, AIR has also reformatted its weather forecast and made it comprehensive.

Stations have been advised to ensure that their weather updated are truly relevant to the farmers, are area specific and timely. The updates would comprise details of crucial parameters like rain fall, temperature, soil and air moisture, radiation, hot, dry cold and wet spells including extreme events like droughts, floods, thunder storms, cyclones, hail, frost etc, if any, to help farmers in preventing crop damage and failures.

AIR stations across the network are mounting serial programme campaigns on the progressive and comparative development scenario in the villages at the gram sabha level. Featurised programmes are being mounted by stations including interviews of members of parliament, senior district administration officials etc.

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