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About Us
A Radios began to increase in popularity amongst civilians.It was also a rallying source and was used by the government to gain public support. In the many country it became the primary source of information after the shut-down of television stations. The way in which radio was used also changed the world after World War II. While it had been a source of entertainment in the form of serial programs, it began to focus more on playing the music of the time. The “Top-40” in music became popular and the target audience went from families to pre-teens up to adults in their mid-thirties. Music and radio continued to rise in popularity until they became synonymous with one another. FM radio stations began to overtake the original AM stations, and new forms of music, such as rock and roll, began to emerge.

Today, radio has become much more than Tesla or Marconi could have ever imagined. Traditional radios and radio broadcasting have steadily become a thing of the past. Instead it has steadily evolved with more satellite radio and Internet radio stations. Radios are found not only in homes, but they are also a staple in vehicles. In addition to music, radio talk shows have also become a popular option for many. On the two-way radios front, digital two-way radios allow for one-to-one communication that is typically encrypted.

Radio are talented team brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge needed to create impactful events, brand activations and experiential marketing campaigns. They use a comprehensive creative strategy that leaves no detail forgotten, which has made the company a sought-after player for corporate galas, casino entertainment, major fundraising events, and large-scale festivals for clients.The Radio team are also experts in talent acquisition, and they know how to leverage star power to leverage an unforgettable fan experience. The team’s professionalism and dedication has resonated with industry players across the world.

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